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Sustainable Community Initiatives

Billie the BeachWitch loves to point out all the great 'Green Magic' happening in our communities, at home
and abroad.

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This season BeachWitch
is proud to highlight:

EcoMB's mission is to educate and promote environmental sustainability and ecological preservation in Florida and Miami-Dade County in particular. The organization lists four primary objectives - reduce litter on beaches, parks, mangroves, waterways and surrounding islands; increase rates of recycling; promote, preserve and restore local coastal habitats; and decrease the greater community's carbon footprint.

If you want to help the EcoSystem of Miami Beach then you must visit!

We hope you
explore the great sustainable

'Green Magic'
 happening around
 the world!

"Going Green is much more than just safe power sources and recycling soda cans
it's all about
the pursuit of Sustainability
our neighbors,
and the wonder that is
magical planet Earth."
-Billie The BeachWitch
 Waikiki Beach 2001

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Check out some of these local environmental advocates:
They're working to keep Our beaches and our world clean and safe for us all!


If you love the beach,
then you are obligated to visit!

 This Green plan is paving the way for an EcoFriendly Miami!

If you own a Miami business
you must visit this site!


The USGBC South Florida Chapter is a membership organization with an important mission: to make green building the standard throughout South Florida.!

This is quite simply the easiest fastest and most convenient way to make your home greener and help develop alternative energy sources!

The Wind & Solar Leaders

If you believe in Green Power
& live in Miami you must see!


Want Miami-dade is capable of becoming the greenest county in Florida  and these initiative are making the difference!


to learn more about Miami's Greening? Click Here!

Who better than the head of the Environmental coalition of miami and the beaches for eco-friendly consultations?!

For all your EcoSafe choices,
there is no better solution
than Luiz Rodrigues.

Check out These Great humanitarian organizations:
because when we all prosper, the world is a much better place ....and that's Eco-Friendly!

Promoting the Abundance of Talented Professionals and Dynamic Workforce Available Amongst Us All

Providing Meals and Food Assistance To Terminally Ill Patients Affected with HIV

Click Here To Learn About This Incredible Organization For People Whom are Blind or Visually Impaired

BeachWitch Especially Loves Sabrina Cohen!
This Foundation Is Helping To Pave The Way
 For Vital Stem Cell Research  and Development

We All Make Magic When

We Help One Another

Click Here To Get Involved with The Miami Beach Chapter of the Council for the Blind 


Ayuda improves the lives of underprivileged children and families in through education, life skills training, and programs that support self sufficiency.

 BeachWitch is proud to participate in
and highlight The Relay For Life
fundraiser here in Miami Beach.

 BeachWitch likes these local groups and businesses
 that help our community by giving back and uniting our neighborhoods
 bringing new ideas, people, and great causes together everyday!

If you operate a business
in Miami Beach, or would like to learn more about the professional services and resources available
 click here!

Not Only Do They Make Incredible Baked Goods and Scrumptious Snacks....

...They Also Hire People With Autism
and Donate a Portion of Profits Towards Autism Research & Development! 
It's a Magical Miami Beach Must Have!

The MDGLCC is the largest not-for-profit corp. in the county for gay and lesbian businesses promoting networking, providing resources  and  utreach from our community to other organizations.

Preserving, protecting, and promoting the cultural, social, economic, environmental and architectural integrity of the Miami Beach Architectural Historic District

Developing, enhancing and improving the residential, commercial, and cultural qualities of Miami Beach. 


Your Local Donations and Purchases of Clothing/
Household Items Benefits
The AIDS Healthcare Foundation
 & Provides Free HIV Testing!

BeachWitch loves this site!
Every purchase benefits our community by contributing to various local causes!

BeachWitch is proud to have worked with the LGBT Visitor Center of Miami and have enjoyed hosting several events within this wonderful center providing a place for all members of our community to feel safe and welcome!
Let's make some 'Greener' choices together! 

 Want to be added to our list
 of community initiatives
 and event calendar?
Simply let us know
 and send us your graphics
 and pertinent info to: Info@BeachWitch.Com

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