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Our eco-friendly fleet

Here are some pictures of our Eco-friendly fleet
of Delivery Vehicles with more additions soon to arrive!
Go green and make an eco-friendly choice today! 
we did and Beachwitch couldn't be happier!

This was the first E.V. we bought from American Electric Scooters.  Ultra quiet with No CO emissions, this little workhorse of a vehicle enabled us to make our first deliveries and will always have a special place in BeachWitch's heart.  With storage in the front, seat, front panel, rear carrier and bag hanger we have been able to carry quite a bit, effortlessly, quietly, and safely around South Beach.  With a range of 25kph on a single charge and pedal assistance adding to our range, this little scooter has been a pleasure to drive.
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American Electric Scooters Click here for a link to American Electric Scooters
or call BeachWitch for more information.

These next two Electric Bicycles came from The Electric Bicycle Store located on Alton Rd. in South Beach.  Owner Mark Lechter was incredibly helpful in assisting us procure these vehicles and we couldn't be happier.

The Pathfinder above goes 40 miles on a single charge and achieve approx. 25 miles per hour- with two added grocery racks on each side and a large now attached front basket , it's perfect for quick trips to the market or fast coffee runs to the beach.  Sturdy, quiet & simply tons o fun to drive!

Beneath our Pathfinder bike is our Thrust Electric Supreme- revolutionizing the idea of delivery vehicles.  With a capacity to hold 8 full size pizzas or an array of different items it sure is a standout amongst anything else currently on the beach.
With an extended 80 mile range from 2 batteries- this Electric Bike is not only an excellent vehicle for delivery but also a fantastic way to market our company! We often hear "What the heck is that?!" And are proud to say "That's a BeachWitch Bike"  - flying around South Beach bringing you just what you need from our local venues.
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The Electric Bicycle Store and tell em' BeachWitch sent you! 
or Call BeachWitch for more info.

The Pathfinder Electric Bicycle

The Thrust Electric Bicycle

BeachWitch was fortunate enough to bid and win these two super "Green" Bikes while attending a fundraiser for the Miami Beach Gay & Lesbian Chamber of Commerce's Orange Gala!  When all else fails, We've got the greenest bikes around town-- Human Powered! So bring on them' hurricanes... power or no power, BeachWitch will still be able to get around when she needs too!
As luck would have it, BeachWitch was thrilled to win these two bicycles at the Silent Auction held in honor of Gay & Lesbian individuals and businesses whom have made a difference within our community and we are very proud
to ride them around town!
Plus they came with two Green Helmets.
How's that for serendipity!

And last, but most certainly not least.... our most prized delivery vehicle courtesy of DecoCarts- a pioneer in bringing Eco-friendly Transportation to South Beach.  We thank Deco Carts for believing in BeachWitch and our mutual mission to help 'Green' Miami Beach.

Incredibly fun to drive.. extremely quiet.... this simply is a wonderful way to get around town.. Most importantly it is 100% Electric with absolutely NO Carbon Monoxide Emissions!

Seating for two to four people, or, simply fold the back seat down for added storage for  you and your entourage!
Check out our ElectricCar rental page for full details!

With 20miles to a charge, it is more than adequate for whatever local errands you need to fulfill and with classy looks and a quite presence, you will be sure to turn heads while you cruise in style.

It has been a pleasure to drive and work with Deco Carts and we are extremely grateful for all they have done for us while we have been developing our game plan here in SoBe.

If you want some fun, look no further ! Leave the car at home and rent a Deco Cart today!

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