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What Makes BeachWitch Magical?

Finally, there is a reliable and capable entity in South Beach
 to handle your daily errands with exquisite personalized customer service
 in an environmentally sound way.

We allow you to focus on: your career, family, vacation, home…in other words, your life!

Whether a surprise flower delivery on the beach, an impromptu beach lunch,
 or a chocolate ice cream run at 2a.m., a BeachWitch Concierge will deliver the magic!

Our Unique Eco-Friendly Approach

Everything we do is centered on meeting our clients’ needs with an eco-friendly approach at all levels of our operation—unprecedented in Miami Beach.  It is our love of the oceans and beaches that compels BeachWitch to approach all of our operations with sustainable practices and environmentally sound decisions.  We hope to set a new standard for corporate responsibility while surpassing our client’s expectations of service.   BeachWitch is actively involved with local environmental issues and work actively toward beach cleanups & ocean conservation, with hopes of preserving our ocean paradise.


Our Delivery and Operational Methods

§  No other delivery service operates with an all electric fleet in Miami
—all current deliveries are made with loud, gas powered and highly polluting scooters
 and vehicles that often are left running to idle in front of the businesses they serve.

§  We never use plastic bags!
 All deliveries arrive in our tote bags made of 100% recycled materials.
  Even our produce is placed in reusable mesh bags that can go from store
 to refrigerator to the laundry for safe and effective handling all around.

§  Additionally, whenever prepared foods arrive,
 we provide eco-friendly, non-plastic cutlery, and, plastic free plates/bowls
 made of completely renewable and biodegradable sources
 such as sugar cane, palm leaves and corn starch.

§  Nearly all transactions are paperless as our platform is digital.
  All receipts are emailed or texted to our clients, and paper usage is kept to a minimum.

Our Commitment to Excellence

BeachWitch is spellbound to deliver the finest customer service possible and surpass
our client’s expectations in a city that is infamous for poor customer service and sloppy work.
It is for this very reason, that BeachWitch was conceived and created
 to ‘bring service back’, in a way that is harmless
to the ocean paradise where we have come to work and live.

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