Welcome to BeachWitch The EcoFriendly Concierge - We deliver the best of the beach to you

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How does all of it work?

When you need a little magic from BeachWitch,  clients can: call, email, fax,
 or send your request online via order form through our website at www.BeachWitch.Com
   via computer or through our mobile site via smartphone.
   Clients simply let us know what they want
—BeachWitch handles the purchasing and delivery—
and our client is billed upon arrival for the delivery and total sum of the purchases ordered.

To Call or Fax: (877) 232-3142

To SMS Text or Email: Order@BeachWitch.Com

BeachWitch uses Square Credit and Square Cash payment services for all our transactions
 –accepting credit/debit card payment only. We operate as a non-cash business,
to keep our concierges safe at all times while traveling throughout the city.  

Where does BeachWitch currently fly?

BeachWitch covers the area of South Beach
 from 1st to 41st in Miami Beach,
 in addition to the 17th causeway islands bridging Miami to Miami Beach,
as well as  Star Island. Hibiscus Island and Fisher Island.

When does BeachWitch deliver the magic?

  The official season of BeachWitch open to the public
 is from November 1st to Labor Day Weekend,
 operating 7 days a week, 24 hours a day.
  Clients whom have purchased memberships have access to BeachWitch all-year round.

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