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Local  EcoFriendly Products & Services

Billie the beachWitch
loves sharing all the local EcoFriendly Products and services available in Miami!

Let us know and share 
And perhaps Beachwitch will cast a coffee or  dessert spell for you!

This season BeachWitch
is proud to highlight:

SimBio USA, Inc.

SimBio is a specialized distributor
 of alternative eco-friendly "green" restaurant and tableware products. These incredible biodegradable and natural products are removing plastic from our landfills and
making Miami greener each year!

Now that's some green magic!

Did you know?
Overall, If Americans
only did 10
%More local
 shopping instead of at national chains, it would put $235 million a year back into local infrastructure.

When you shop with local merchants, more of your money stays close
 to home; supporting the parks, recreation centers, 
and libraries
  that make this 
 a great place to live.

Click any of the links Below for more local offerings!
We're Adding new listings every month!

we Sleep 1/3 rd of our life away.
wouldn't you like to know you and yours are sleeping on eco-safe materials each and every night?

click here for the finest eco-friendly mattresses made in italy for a night's rest that is both safe and sound!

Who better than the head of
 the Environmental coalition
of miami and the beaches for
eco-friendly consultations?!

For all your EcoSafe choices, there is no better solution
than Luiz Rodrigues.


Beachwitch Loves the efforts of healthy vending by H.U.M.A.N.

low-power vending machines filled with healthy snacks for true professionals that need healthy choices!
Oh, and did we mention they help fight childhood obesity? ! yeah that's right!!


Any unwanted critters about?
Tropical pests causing issues?

Get rid of them in an eco-safe way with non-toxic chemicals and
sound exterminating practices.

Thinking of redesigning
your home? Or remodel
 your apt or condo?

you deserve a toxic free home!
Why not design with ecosafe products & non-toxic substances?


PooPrints of Florida is the eco-friendly dog waste management program for apartment management and property owners.

Communities become cleaner and greener
 more pet waste is removed.

Liberty tax service undertook an eco-friendly course this past year and eliminated nearly 40% of needless paper printing...

...Add that to the ten years of professional caring service that
 Lisa Bryant has given Miami Beach along w/her superb staff, and it's a

 win-win all around all year long!

Pear Energy is simply the greatest easiest most convenient way to utilize 'Green' Wind & Solar Power in your home or apt. in miami!  

No contracts. 
no hassles.
 Using pear supports many wind farms across our great nation.
They provide all the power for Beachwitch: Operations, computers and vehicles and we are very
 proud to work with them!


It's also no secret that BeachWitch
 is a huge mega crazy fan of DryEco!!!
 They are after all the absolute
 'Greenest' Dry Cleaner in  South Florida!

The only local cleaner NOT using the toxic chemical PERC to launder our clothes 
 and we love 'em for it!



 Want to be added to our
 list of EcoFriendly:
 Products, & Services,
 Event Calendar Listings
 and Social Media outlets?
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 and send us your
 pertinent info: Info@BeachWitch.Com

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