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    Grocery Shopping & Delivery Services 

All fresh produce is delivered via our 'plastic-free' mesh recyclable bags!

BeachWitch selects only the finest fruits and vegetables and handpicks only the freshest offerings available locally.

Do you have special dietary needs?
Gluten Issues?
No Worries!
 Our concierges will work with you to select exactly what you are looking for from organic produce to gluten-free pasta to kosher ice cream and dessert!

Please fill out the following form for delivery.
  A credit card is required for your reservation 
with a refundable deposit based upon an estimate of your total order.  Upon receipt of order you will be billed for the delivery
and the cost of items purchased with your deposit refunded to you.
credit card charges will be processed until your order
 has been confirmed with a BeachWitch Concierge.
Should you have any questions, do not hesitate to call BeachWitch at (877)232-3142.


Full Name: *
(as it appears on your credit card)
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When Do You Need Your Delivery?:   
Let us know if you are flexible with your delivery time for added savings!

Delivery Request List:

Please list the size and quantity of your items and the best description of what you are looking for.

BeachWitch will be calling
to confirm and schedule your delivery and report any issues or questions about this order.

Please let us know if there are any specific instructions for your delivery.
Credit Card Number: *  
Expiration Date : *  
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 Thank You For Choosing BeachWitch!   
When you shop with us--you are not only lowering your carbon footprint...
you are also supporting the development of wind turbine energy and use of 
renewable resources,  sustainable  living practices and local green businesses... and BeachWitch luv's ya for it! 
Dietary Decisions: Do you have any dietary issues, allergies, or other health related conditions that impact your diet?:

  If so please let us know here 


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