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For over twenty years,
Owner David Bozic

has built a solid reputation in the customer service and hospitality industry.   A sincere love for the beach and ocean, combined with a comprehensive resume of various F&B, Retail, Hotel and Consulting endeavors led to the creation of BeachWitch.Com.
The first and only of it's kind in Miami.
Born on Long Island, NY, this snowbird eventually migrated to sunny Miami Beach where he hopes to continue to pursue his love of hospitality combined with his love of the beach and all it has to offer.  What started out as a late night trek for a few midnight snacks to please a diverse bunch of friends, would later manifest itself into BeachWitch. A unique multi-stop shop and delivery service that brings you what you wish, when you want it, wherever you are... home, office, hotel, dock, or even directly to you on the beach in an eco-friendly way!

He has been sighted howling at the moon on many a night in South Beach while trying to make BeachWitch fly!

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a special dedication to my
 "auntie lu"

Special Thanks must be given to my dear Auntie "Lu" without whom none of this would be possible.  Her love, support, and belief in me, and in this endeavor have been quintessential to helping BeachWitch fly.  Her name is derived from the word for "light" and she has always been a light for me in this world.

Everyone loves the beach. We all have a memory or a dream of a day spent strolling along the shoreline, shuffling in the sand, tiptoeing amongst the waters edge staring at the vast ocean beneath a golden sun.The sights and sounds of the surf and sand have captivated the hearts and minds of humanity throughout time. Whether we have gone to enjoy the warm radiance of the sun…soak in the salty oasis of the sea… feel the sand caress our steps… contemplate our daily lives… or simply revel in the rhythms of the waves—humanity has always shared a common love and affinity for the beach and all its splendor.

The beach is our refuge.  It is our happy place.  It takes every grain of sand, every seashell, every ebb and flow of the tide to give the beach its magic.  

On its own, a grain of sand is a tiny marvel of nature, it is indeed a perfect creation—when placed together en masse it becomes an incredible miracle…one of supreme complexity, infinite beauty and awe inspiring wonder.
Everyone that visits the beach shares in this wonder and takes that magical feeling with them.  It is this “Beach Magic” that serves as our foundation in this venture.

It is my heartfelt belief that we can bring people and resources together; to create a little magic, shape a better community, and thus create a happier world—because this whole experience has already been magical for me.

I would sincerely like to thank all those individuals who have believed in me and supported this endeavor.  I could not have gotten this project off the drawing board, let alone on its way to fruition, without the love and support of my 
colleagues, my friends and most of all... my family..


The Company 
Hello and Welcome to BeachWitch.Com!
Miami Beach’s First Eco-Friendly Delivery Service
& ‘Green’ Concierge Service.

Quite simply, BeachWitch ‘flies’ around the beach, and brings a little magic to your home, office, hotel, or even directly to you beachside! We deliver the best goods and services available on the beach from local businesses with our eco-friendly bicycles and food carts to our seasoned residents and beloved visitors.  From restaurants to retail merchants to groceries—we bring it all to you, quickly, conveniently and in an eco-friendly way!  We are spellbound to provide you with the highest level of customer satisfaction possible and truly are “Bringing Service Back” to Miami Beach 

Delivery Services

BeachWitch offers several wonderful options for our patrons and the convenience of a multi-stop shop—order multiple items delivered from several different establishments if you like.  
Feel like a pizza but also need a gallon of milk?
No problem. 
Out of eggs and need a cup of coffee delivered with it?
No problem. 
Have grocery shopping to do and dry cleaning to drop off?
No problem, it’s what we do!
And we'll bring you coffee too!
Looking to plan a fun beach day, but don’t want to waste time at the store? Give us a call! 
Additionally, we deliver items from favorite local places that do not currently feature delivery themselves…i.e. your local coffee house, convenience store, fast food, and some of your favorite restaurants! Simply go online to our site and order what you like or call us and a friendly BeachWitch Concierge will be happy to help!
 Through use of our eco-friendly bikes and scooters we are going to reduce emissions on our beautiful beaches by offsetting the carbon footprint left behind by the numerous gas powered scooters that currently occupy standard delivery services here in Miami.

Eco-Friendly Services

As well as delivering the finest local offerings, we also are “The Green Concierge” of Miami Beach and the local source for eco-friendly services and products. BeachWitch.Com offers our clients an array of eco-friendly services from electric bike and car rentals to environmentally sound dry cleaning to local solar power ventures that are available directly within our local community.   We provide a single “green” local conduit whereby we can all truly work towards a more environmentally sound way of life by having more eco-friendly options to choose from.   Now residents and guests can “Go Green” and sample the best of what Miami Beach has to offer in an eco-friendly way! 

Our Mission

BeachWitch’s company motto is to think green and act locally in order to protect our community and inspire globally.  In accordance with this mission we use completely recycled materials whenever possible and provide 100% recycled tote bags for all our grocery and retail deliveries—never plastic!!!     In addition we operate in a paperless environment whenever possible—receipts for goods and services are sent digitally directly to your phone or email without any added paper exchanging hands.   We will also be highlighting the various problems and solutions facing our beaches and oceans in hopes of raising awareness towards the environmental issues facing us all. Furthermore, we are working diligently towards moving our business completely “off the grid” with the use of all solar power to fuel our company energy needs and truly become 100% green!  Additionally we will be campaigning to replace plastic utensils relentlessly used for take-out foods with biodegradable alternatives in hopes of reducing the plastic waste currently wreaking havoc on our beaches, oceans, and wildlife.   We also hope to soon provide each of our take-out patrons with these biodegradable utensils and napkins with each delivery in lieu of the standard wasteful plastic cutlery.   Yes, our costs will be higher… but it is a significantly small price to pay when weighed against the magnitude of garbage in our oceans and washing up on our beaches and shorelines. 

Our Community

We at BeachWitch are committed to our community and in that regard we are doing our share to improve our neighborhood via several campaigns and company practices that we promote and cherish. BeachWitch donates a portion of our profits toward local beach clean-up and conservations efforts right here in Miami Beach. In the true spirit of ‘thinking green’, we provide complimentary recycling pick-ups of select items, i.e. fluorescent bulbs, printer cartridges, batteries, etc, etc… with the purchase of any of our numerous BeachWitch services.   Regularly scheduled food drives for the hungry will also be engaged throughout the year with our clientele as well as projects focusing on working with restaurants and clients to provide meals for patients suffering with AIDS and other terminally ill diseases.  Think about what we can achieve when a community of tourists, residents and businesses get together to make a difference!  The future can be brighter and we hope to do our best in making that dream a reality. 

To the Future!

What’s not to like?  We are a local business, helping other local businesses thrive; providing an array of services for our clients saving them time, gas, patience and money while: reducing emissions on the beach, supporting local recycling efforts and contributing a portion of our profits toward local beach clean-up and conservation efforts.  We are BeachWitch.Com and we hope to bring Miami Beach a little magic for a long time to come.
And in case you didn’t know…most witches are green! So let’s all ‘Go Green’ and help BeachWitch fly! 
Thank you for your time.

David Bozic, CEO


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